Rock Creek is real natural

Doing the July 4th BBQ thing today in Rock Creek Park. While some folks think DC is all urban, and there isn’t any nature, I say they are fools. They’ve not seen Rock Creek Park. They’ve not driven the park at dusk and dodged deer. They’ve not gone back in the woods, off the streets, exploring.

Those who do, know it gets real wild, real quick, with real coyotes to boot. If you wander off trail, you can even get lost. And I’m not talking, lost like you don’t know what neighborhood you’re in, but lost like you don’t know which way back to civilization lost.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Chandra Levy. It took authorities a year to find her body and they searched within 125 yards of her twice.

And today we were in a spot just as wild. While we were much on burgers, a deer walked through our grill spot. Then, when going for a errant Frisbee, I found the skull and antlers of another deer. Last but not least, we picked wild raspberries for desert.

You match that DC suburbia.

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