Run by the iPod, Die by the iPod

While I’d liked to have a run run weekend, I’m still in recovery from when my cries of “Your other left, fools!” went unheeded, and can’t race two back to back 5K runs.

I can do a brick (bike + run = brick) with the DC Tri Club and so it was around Haines Pint that I worked out this morning. While riding on an Ohio Drive loop, I saw a runner almost get hit. Oblivious to the world with her iPod craked up, she was running down the middle of the street. Not hearing a car’s horn, she was almost hit by a car coming up behind her. When she jumped out of the car’s way she jumped into our way. Our warning cries unheard, she almost caused us to wreck too.

All because she was auditory wonderland, with her iPod cranked to ear-damaging levels to ignore what she should be listening to, her breath, her heartbeat, and to the world around her. Not to mention the middle of the street foolishness.

Now don

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