And so it starts…

I just got my first Valentines Day party announcement in my inbox – this one from Café Luna & skewers, which means it’s high time I get my butt in gear to leave the country.

See, I’ve found the most sure-fire way to be free of the Hallmark Holiday that Valentines has become is to flee the USA. Only overseas, without your nagging beautiful lover along, can you truly escape the stupidity of the manufactured “holiday”. My underlying bone: I’m a great guy 364 days out of the week to all my supermodels. Why should I have to prove it on the 365th?

So in the spirit of getting out of town to places exotic and Hallmark-free, I present to you the ultimate in escape airfare idea websites for Washington DC airports:

For your basic “I need to get outta town NOW!” cheap-o flight, try Yahoo! Best Fares Website, where you’ll have a no-frill list of flights, cheapest to most expensive.

Then, for the visual folks, we have the very cool, a site that shows you every destination and related price, airline, and dates on a Google map.

Now get your travel grove on while the getting is still good. Me, I’m headed to Puerto Rico!

Travel Tip: WAS is the airport code to search flights from all area airports: National (DCA), Dulles (IAD) and B’More (BWI).

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