A Massage, Haircut, and Thai Coup Updates

While I love the occasional mani/pedi, every month I need a haircut. And not one to go Supercuts with what’s left of my hair, I’ve taken to following the seemingly official international NGO hairstylist around DC.

Donna is a master of the scissors, an artist with the electric razor, and more importantly, a gifted Thai masseuse. Before she goes all Edward Scissorhands on your mane, she gives you the most relaxing head, neck, and shoulder massage.

Today, like times before, I was putty in her hands as she cut my hair, the morning’s stress gone from my mind. My hair wasn’t all that was on Donna’s mind though. She kept answering her cell phone, which was very out of character for her usually quiet and modest manner.

Thai Tanks in Downtown Bangkok

Asking her what was up, I proceeded to get a play-by-play of today’s coup attempt in Thailand.

The Thai military is attempting to overthrow the government of Caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and Donna had a direct family connection to all the action.

Thai Coup Links: CNN | BBC News | Metroblogging Bangkok

Oh, and if that massage + haircut sounds perfect, Thai government updates or not, do go see Donna @ Fusion Day Spa (formerly Today’s Look) at the corner of 17th and L Streets NW – (202)223-8182

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