Use your bike… with cars to protect you.

Use your bike
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I haven’t been able to track down any information about who organized this demonstration, but I was chatting with a coworker today when we heard the sound of music and chanting passing by our window.

From the fourth floor, we couldn’t quite make out who was organizing this demonstration, but the signs were largely split into the practical, “Bikes don’t run on gas!” vs. the whimsical, “Cars don’t dance!”

Pro-bike rallies are neato and all, but when I pointed out the series of slow-moving petroleum-powered cars guarding the left flank of the march from passing motorists, my coworker said, “That’s what’s known as ‘irony.’”

Anyone know who these marchers are?

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3 thoughts on “Use your bike… with cars to protect you.

  1. I cannot really say I blame them. With the recent Alice Swanson incident, and things like this happening, I understand wanting an escort for safety reasons.

  2. I don’t blame them either, but I find it amusing that they urge the general population to bike in the name of fuel economy and environmental consciousness… and then surround themselves with SUVs going at the least efficient possible speed.