Crowded Conditions on the Mall for Inauguration

Washington Monument in the Fall (Post Election)
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The moment the election was called for Obama, Tom and I started wondering the best way to get to see the Inauguration. This will be, as we have all been endlessly reminded, a significant historical event, and it seems to us that one of the best things about life in DC is the opportunity to get up close to history when it happens. So we started asking our various members of Congress for Inaugural tickets, offering up our couch to friends who might want to crash with us if they’re coming into town, and plotting the best way to see it even if we can’t get a ticket. We do, after all, have a very nice TV if all else fails.

It sounds like the Park Service is already planning for massive crowds on the Mall. The ceremony is on the Capitol steps, so most of the Mall won’t have a good view, but there’s talk of Jumbotrons all over the Mall and the parade route to include as many people as possible in the festivities.

The estimate is that the Mall itself can hold 3 million people, and officials are working hard to avoid the Bicentennial debacle where there was insufficient infrastructure to get everyone out of the city after the festivities were over.

Do you have Inaugural plans yet?

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3 thoughts on “Crowded Conditions on the Mall for Inauguration

  1. Yep, my Inaugural plans include working from home, then gorging on pizza and watching hockey with my wife. And staying no less than 10 miles from downtown at any time the entire week…

    That’s right – I’m one of the few metro DC residents who just doesn’t care about politics in a political town. Viva la resistance!

  2. My plans are to rent out my 2nd bedroom for $2,000 for a one night stay which overlooks DC and its right on the metro. Hey, I can dream right?

  3. I want to camp with some friends but need to Google a few pointers on camping in freezing weather. And I’m still not exactly sure where to stake my claim.