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Washington Humane Society Adoption Mobile

I can haz adpoted plz?
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As long-time readers may remember, my Lovely Wife and I lost our kitty last year, not long after losing the first one. We are talking about getting new kitties but we (meaning I) are not ready yet.

We were in Takoma Park today wandering around and came across the Washington Humane Society Adoption Mobile. This is a pet-fitted RV that goes from place to place to advertise their services, stocked full of cats and dogs waiting to be taken home and loved. It was good for me to see the animals, when, following Lovely Wife, who has a ticking biological clock for new cats, I found myself in the RV adoring all of them.

I’m still not ready but I think we are also not grieving as much as we were. Maybe we are getting closer to bringing a new furry member of the family home. Have you ever adopted out of the Adoption Mobile? Anyone have experience with the Society?

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Go to Jail for Mother Earth

‘the very scary but not secret service’
courtesy of ‘spiggycat’
How deep is your love for Mother Earth? Say you’d spend some time in the slammer to save her? Well, here’s your chance!

On Monday, you can join a couple thousand of your closest friends in a march to the coal-fired power plant on Capitol Hill (source of some hot air in Congress). There the gang will peacefully surround the gates–and risk arrest–to call for action on global warming.  The action starts at 12:30 p.m. at Spirit of Justice Park.

Capitol Climate Action is being billed as the largest mass civil disobedience for the climate in U.S. history.  So far, 100 organizations have endorsed it, as well as folks from Daryl Hannah to Paul Hawken to Will.I.Am.  So get ready for that orange jumpsuit.

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Get a teabag, morans!

Photo courtesy of Eexlebots
Get a Brain, Morans
courtesy of Eexlebots
The flickr page for this version of the infamous ‘morans’ picture has a comment from someone claiming that it was a joke sign at a hoax protest. The Washington Independent has a picture set from a recent protest at the White House that wasn’t a hoax, though it’s unclear whether the people in that sign were unaware of the colloquial meaning of ‘tea bag’ or not. I’m assuming they are, but either way it’s damned funny. More funny protest signs!

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Steele & Colbert to Rap About Conservatism

Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele at GOP Press Conference
Originally uploaded by NewsHour

From comes the best comedy news in some time: GOP Chairman Michael Steele has accepted the challenge of TV Show Personality Stephen Colbert to have a rap-off about conservative issues.

I, personally, cannot wait to see this.

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Blogging from the Metro coming soon!

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‘You Don’t Say….’
courtesy of ‘chip py the photo guy’

There’s been talk of this for a while, but WMATA announced a little more of a timeline today: Twenty of the busiest stations will have cell phone service by the end of this year, and the entire system will have it by 2012.

While I certainly have no interest in listning to a train full of people shout to be heard over the tunnel noise, I look forward to actually being able to text and use Twitter from the train- many has been the time when the people I’ve been on my way to meet have tried to reach me, only to be thwarted by the Metro Cone of Silence.

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March Concert Preview

Photo courtesy of
‘Estelle :: Paramount Theater :: 01.08.09′
courtesy of ‘Julio Enriquez’

Man, March really snuck up on me! There I was, just getting settled into a dreary February, and then all of the sudden here comes the promise of warmer, springtime weather and sweet, sweet music to accompany it.

Head out to Wolf Trap for The Bird and the Bee (w/ Obi Best) on Wednesday, March 4 ($20) for digital-sounding jams with airy vocals on top. They were recently on Ellen performing “Love Letter to Japan,” which is one of my faves. Continue reading

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Read the Love

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‘We Love Unicorns and Rainbows’
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Today’s Washington Post contained the four essays entered into their “What it means to be a Washingtonian” contest which  John Kelly identified as his favorites. Kristin Stadum isn’t the winner but her essay is my favorite, and is similar to how I feel about living here.

What’s amazing to me is that the article introducing them on the front page – which I cannot find a version of online – said they received “more than two dozen” submission.

Only 24? Seriously? That’s how many people felt moved to write about our beloved city? I’m a little shocked, but maybe it’s just reflective of the level of vitrol the average John Kelly reader has. The content of today’s chat was surprisingly snippy, I thought, but perhaps I’m just accustomed to the goof quotient in Weingarten’s chats.

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Travelers Play “Hide the Sausage” at Dulles

Photo courtesy of
‘Sausages, we don’t need your stinkin’ sausages’
courtesy of ‘theopie’

No, literally. WTOP reports on the weird stuff people have tried to smuggle into the US this week, including pornography (helloooo, we have the Internet here too, you know), cigarrettes, currency, and a staggering variety of meat products. Pork seems to be the most popular, including the sausages a woman tried to hide in a shrink-wrapped puzzle box.

It’s a slow news day, my inner 12-year-old approves of anything that gives me legitimate reason to use the phrase “shrink-wrapped sausage.”

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Crystal Couture In Review

Workday Wednesday Fashion Show

The Gossip on 23rd Runway Show at Crystal City Couture

On Wednesday, I headed over to Crystal City for dinner with friends and then a stop at the Crystal Couture Work Wear Wednesday event. Housed inside loft-like industrial space, the large room was set up with vendors selling work wear outfits, a runway, a cash bar, and complimentary mini-cupcakes from Red Velvet Cupcakery. Techno music echoed through the space, and the Sex and The City Movie played in the background. It was girlie to the hilt. After reading Don’s review of Tattoo Tuesday, I was expecting tons of photographers, but mostly there were twenty-somethings stopping by after work to shop the wares.

Although Crystal Couture isn’t quite over yet (there are still events happening through the weekend) I was able to chat with Angela Fox, the President/CEO of the Crystal City Business Improvement District, all about what she loved, what went wrong, and what the event meant for Crystal City. Continue reading

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Tourism: Torpedo Factory

Photo courtesy of
‘Torpedo Factory Artist’s Faces’
courtesy of ‘nicmcc’

Generally, I am delighted by repurposed old buildings, especially when their new use is wildly unrelated to what the builders had in mind (see: The Surratt House, now a Wok and Roll; The Pension Building, now the National Building Museum, etc). My all-time favorite of these is probably The Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria.

The Torpedo Factory is full of surprises. They first get you with the name: who would expect a building full of artists’ studios and an Archaeology Museum from a factory? Yet this former factory is packed to the brim with creativity and fun things to explore. Continue reading

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DC Voting Rights Act Passes the Senate!


This just in, S.160, the DC Voting Rights Act, has passed the Senate 61-37! It’s onward to the House, at this point.

There were a couple of amendments attached today, including:

The Ensign Amendment, which relates to Gun Control

The DeMint Amendment, which relates to the FCC and the Fairness Doctrine

The Durbin Amendment, which also pertains to the FCC, but to Media Ownership Diversity.

Get the full text of the amendments and the bill via Thomas at the Library of Congress

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I declare Eric Nuzum our official mascot

Photo courtesy of
‘Hey lady’
courtesy of ‘erin m’

Not just because I keep linking to his stuff (the dude entertains me, what can I say?) or because he works for my radio station of choice, but because the heavens have aligned and shown him to be The [WLDC Blog] Chosen One.

But the best part: my office has a view of the capital.

Well, technically.

The picture above and to the right (click to enlarge) is the view out of my new office window. Look just to the left of the center of the photo. You’ll see a church steeple. Slightly to the left of that steeple is a pointy thing rising above a long flat roof.

That “pointy thing” is the Freedom Statue on top of the Capitol building.

Yep, the only part of the building that he can see is a part that, if you look at the  upper left corner of your browser window, or on my business cards, or our stationary, or our flickr icon… well, you get the picture. Lady Freedom is our adopted mascot and she’s just barely visible over the rooftops to Mr Nuzum. You’ll have to click the link above to see his picture of how the Lady just is barely visible – I couldn’t put it here. *cough*creative commons*cough*suggestion*cough*

Any of you have a just-barely-visible bit of the DC skyline visible to you from your workplace or home?

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We Love Drinks: Tea at The Mayflower Hotel

Afternoon Tea

"Afternoon Tea" by Jenn Larsen, on Flickr

I’ve done my fair share of tea in this town. Afternoon tea has been a serious obsession of mine since I had the luck of spending several summers in England during college, basically living on tea as a poor student. It’s also a favorite way of my girlfriends to get together. Over the years in Washington I’ve had afternoon tea everywhere – Henley Park Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel (sadly no longer serving), The Jefferson Hotel, etc. Noticing a trend? Afternoon tea here is mainly a hotel thing, with Teaism being the notable exception (or Ching Ching Cha if you want an Asian tea experience). 

With my absolute favorite afternoon tea spot being closed for renovations (that would be the venerable Jefferson, where the scones came out warm and fragrant at the perfect time), I thought I would try The Mayflower Hotel. They serve afternoon tea daily from 3pm-5pm in Cafe Promenade, a soaring orchid and mirror filled room. 

There are many ways to enjoy teatime, and if your tastes run to the gleaming china and sparkling silver variety, The Mayflower delivers on the upscale. If you require attentive and charming service, you’ll definitely find it here. The tea selection itself is quite nice, all served loose in individual pots with lovely silver strainers on the side. The usual suspects are featured such as Earl Grey, darjeeling, and some great greens like sencha or oolong. They even have an enchanting wild blackberry tea that’s a black caffeinated blend, as opposed to the usual herbal tisane. The aroma drove me into a dreamy state, longing for spring…

So where does The Mayflower fall short? Well, frankly, the goodies.  Continue reading

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Bye Bye Bowden?

Photo courtesy of
‘Washington Nationals Executive Offices’
courtesy of ‘afagen’

The long nightmare of Jim Bowden may finally be over for Nats fans. Baseball Prospectus is reporting that the Nats are close to firing Bowden, and replacing him with Tony LaCava from Toronto Blue Jays’ front office. Bowden’s currently under FBI investigation for involvement in a bonus-skimming scandal that has been going on since the mid 1990s. Bowden’s right hand for scouting in Latin America, Jose Rijo, is about to be fired for his part in the Esmailyn Gonzalez scandal.

Most interesting in all of this, is that Bud Selig has reportedly issued the Nats an exemption from the “Rooney rule” which would require them to interview at least one minority candidate in the process. While I’m generally for diversity, this seems to be a special exemption due to the fact that our GM could be about to be fired for cause. This close to the start of the season, it would be rather unfortunate to have to spend a lot of time interviewing candidates.

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DC’s Worst Starbucks?

Starbucks by SWP Moblog

Let’s face it, you either love or hate Starbucks.

If you hate Starbucks, we understand, but this post is not for you so just skip to the next one below.

If you love it (or at least like it or are OK with it) tell us which one you think deserves the title of DC’s Worst Starbucks, or StarSUCKS if you will.  My vote goes to the one located at the corner of Connecticut & R St NWContinue reading

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Incoming: Le Pain Quotidien

Photo courtesy of
‘At Le Pain Quotidien’
courtesy of ‘TreyDanger’

Tuesday night Matt and I were on a run down the Clarendon strip in Arlington, and we passed painters and workers busy preparing the new store front of Le Pain Quotidien, the Belgian cafe & organic bakery poised to open under the Clarendon Gold’s Gym.

I’d never heard of Le Pain Quotidien (PQ for short), but upon further googling, PQ is another Euro import, one I’m getting pretty excited to meet. With locations already in Capitol Hill, Georgetown, Alexandria and Bethesda, Le Pain Quotidien operates under an organic philosophy (head on competition, Whole Foods) and is part bakery, part cafe. The bakery part is most exciting to me, as I was hoping for an uprising bakery trend in 2009. PQ claims to bake all their breads in-house, and knead by hand, to boot. They also offer pastries, alongside the breads. Then there’s the “communal table” – the cafe seems to be following in the Wagamama tradition of seating strangers together at big, long, cafeteria-style tables.

I’m thrilled to welcome Le Pain Quotidien into my ‘hood, I’m already picturing Sunday morning strolls for baked goods and coffee, and late night tete-a-tetes with friends over cider and tartes.

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Garden Season is Coming!

Photo courtesy of
‘inside butterfly garden davao philippines’
courtesy of ‘burgermac’

While it’s still grey and cold, it’s good to know that Spring is coming. There was one single, solitary forsythia bloom on the hedge above our place this morning, and it’s a harbinger of better things to come. But, while you start thinking about springtime, I know a bunch of us here are thinking about gardening and all manner of pursuits outdoors. This weekend is the big DC Garden Show out at Dulles Expo Center. It runs from today all the way through til Sunday, and if you’re like me and desperate for some green instead of the brown & gold that we’re stuck with at the moment, go on out!

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This one’s for the ladies

Photo courtesy of
‘NO PHOTOS at House of Blues’
courtesy of ‘revjim5000′

Tickets to the Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine seated show at the 9:30 Club on April 15 just officially went on sale this morning! They have been available for presale for a while now, though, so I won’t be too surprised if they sell out fairly quickly.

If you’re not in the know, Richard Cheese does hilarious covers of popular songs, turning everything from Nirvana’s “Rape Me” to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” into swingin’ lounge music. You’ve got to hear it (or see it, in April!) to believe it.

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We Love Arts: Public/Private


The Arlington Arts Center (AAC) is a private, nonprofit contemporary visual arts center dedicated to presenting and supporting new work by regional artists in the mid-Atlantic States. AAC is located in the Virginia Square area of the Clarendon and Wilson Blvd strip between Clarendon and Ballston. Right now, AAC is home to a few different exhibitions, but the one that got me out of the house last Saturday is the Public/Private exhibit I had been hearing so much buzz about.

The AAC web site describes it best: “PUBLIC/PRIVATE puts together two very different types of content in contemporary art: art about the artist’s immediate surroundings, domestic sphere, and personal relationships; and art that exists out in the world, inviting or requiring the public’s physical participation. Featuring Lisa Blas, Chris Barr & Veronique Cote, Mandy Burrow, Ben Kinsley & Robin Hewlett, Anissa Mack, Christian Moeller, Stephanie Robbins, Richard Saxton, Satomi Shirai, and Matthew Sutton”

The exhibit I most wanted to see was an exhibit titled “Street With A View” about a staged Google maps street view street performance. The artists got together and created interesting things during the time when the street view car would be driving down the street in Pittsburgh. I was fascinated to see all the different things they staged for the car. Continue reading