Souper Girl: Defeating the Pizza Guy One Bowl at a Time

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A while back, we were delighted to discover Soupergirl, who makes soup from local ingredients for your comfort food enjoyment. Today we have a guest review from Friend of We Love DC and Funmonger Lisa King:

With the mercury firmly fixed in the teens, I was especially happy to seeSara Polon, aka SouperGirl, in my office today, dropping off the Sweet Potato Ginger soup and pita chips I’d ordered.

When I got home I duly poured about a third of the bright orange, incredibly thick and creamy soup into a saucepan, stirring it as it bubbled away. As it was heating I tried not to eat all the pita chips and read the ingredients again as I wondered if there’s really no cream in there. (She promises there’s not.)

As I tasted it, it was kind of a race between noticing the sweetness of the carrot and sweet potato and the slight kick of the ginger along with the insane smoothness of the pureed vegetables. SouperGirl uses only vegetables from local farms and it shows in the soup.

The Sweet Potato Ginger is so thick it could almost be used as a tart filling or a sauce for a pasta. It’s a nice hearty soup for a winter’s night dinner, but I think you’d be forgiven if you thinned it with a little broth. A nice salad and some crusty bread, and you’re set with an easy dinner.

Each Monday SouperGirl sends out an email with the soups on offer for the next week. Orders must be placed by Wednesday and designated as pickup or delivery (delivery areas are currently limited but they are hoping to expand).

I’ve always thought that if you were only going to offer one thing, you should do it very well, and SouperGirl does.

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