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Okay, you’re asking yourself. With no more Screen on the Green, what on earth am I supposed to do for free outdoor movies NOW?

Well, Ben S. already told us about HacDC’s Nerd Movie Nights, which will help me out a lot personally in my post-Star Trek hangover. And we’re already hearing Twitter rumblings about “some geeks, a screen, some speakers, and some public domain movies,” so we’ll be sure to let you know if any of that comes to fruition.

The Going-Out Gurus have a good roundup of outdoor movie festivals that have announced their schedules.

And finally, the guide for DC, Rachel Cooper, has a list of outdoor movie festivals that happen annually, but it looks like most of the farther suburban ones haven’t announced their lineups yet.

And finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, you can always show your own outdoor movies with a projector and a bedsheet. Just be sure to invite your neighbors so they don’t get cranky when Michael Corleone’s enemies are getting whacked at 11PM.

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One thought on “Getting Your Outdoor Movie Fix

  1. Similar to the last point, I am a major fan of hosting a “guerrilla drive in” (slash bike in, walk in…) MobMov has great information about how to get set up and promote your rebellious acts of outdoor screening, including lists of movies the MPAA will not complain about you showing. All you really need is a projector, something to power it, and a flat surface unlikely to attract attention.