Good Luck Refilling that SmarTrip…

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‘Metro SmarTrip Card’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

Hey Metro, if your budgets are so strained, maybe you could keep your credit/debit machines working so that people like me who don’t carry cash can refill our SmarTrip cards.

Did anyone get stuck due to this morning’s credit/debit outage in Metro stations?  Or are the rest of you better planners than I am and never let your SmarTrip card get that low?

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6 thoughts on “Good Luck Refilling that SmarTrip…

  1. No but I did get stuck 45 minutes on the green line with a crying baby because of a train with mechanical problems at L’Enfant. Just an hour late to work, no biggie metro. Thanks for charging me for the ride anyways, I know you need the money!

  2. Didn’t get stuck, but unsuccessfully tried to refill when I finally got to my stop – an hour late mind you (thanks to the delay at L’Enfant).

    My favorite part of the morning – the delay alert text went out after I had been sitting at Gallery Place for 30 minutes!

  3. I’ve got enough to get halfway home by going to Pentagon… as for the bus from there, I sure hope they get this mess fixed before the evening commute… haven’t seen an update about it yet.

  4. No, they haven’t, but if, like me, you occasionally get off the bus at the Pentagon with a negative balance, you can’t get on the train, or on another bus, with the negative balance, and there’s nowhere to get cash.