Metro stations to get a cuddle and a glass of warm milk

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…at least, that’s what immediately occurred to me when I saw the headline: “Metrorail stations to receive extra care and attention” on WMATA’s website.

Turns out, it’s just Metro’s announcement about this year’s phase of their 4-year cleaning and refurbishment cycle, which cleans masonry, repaints surfaces, and just generally tries to keep everything shiny and clean. Not nearly as interesting as what I was thinking, BUT one of the things I think Metro does well, as opposed to a lot of other subway systems, is the whole cleaning-and-station-maintenance thing. You know, aside from the escalators.

The work is done during off-hours when the stations are closed, so you shouldn’t see too much disruption at your Metro station of choice, but check out the list to see if yours is scheduled for “extra care and attention.”

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One thought on “Metro stations to get a cuddle and a glass of warm milk

  1. As a foreigner who’s just moved to the DC metro area, I just wonder why the heck the metro stations have to be so damn dark? I’m guessing it’s a cost-saving measure, but I wonder how many things have gone lost due to people dropping stuff on the floor and not being able to find it again due to the darkness. Or maybe it just helps hide the dirt. Metro Center especially is just horrifically dark. Is WMATA’s board of directors made up of vampires?

    And who’s bright (ha!) idea was it to put signage in white-on-brown? Someone who didn’t know about contrast, that’s who.