We Love Weekends, April 17-18

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Katie: Now that the weather is nicer, that means the farmers markets are coming into full swing. This weekend marks the beginning of the full-fledged Arlington Farmer’s Market at Court House, and I’ll be there, reusable bags in hand. The first few weeks are generally plants, but I’m looking forward to May andstrawberry season! In the meantime, I’ll be eating farm fresh eggs, freshly made pastas and the beginnings of asparagus. As for the rest of the weekend? I’ll be spending time on U street getting my hair did at Bang, and sweet-talking WLDC author Jenn into hemming a dress I bought last fall to wear this summer.

Michael: This weekend I will be rocking out in the California desert at the Coachella Music Festival. But if I was here, I would definitely be going to the Positve Force-sponsored Titus Andronicus concert on Friday at St. Stephen’s Church. One, because Titus Andronicus’ new indie-rock concept album about the American Civil War is bloody inspired! Two, because seeing a show in a church is a really old school DC kind of this to do. Three, because Positive Force does great things for DC!  

Kirkles: On Friday, I’ll wash down my work week with some drinks at the Saloon on U St.  I may also introduce a friend to the Gibson, while I’m in the area.  On Saturday, I’ll to Horace and Dickies in NE for some fried fish smothered in hot sauce and tarter sauce. Later, I’ll attempt to get my garden in order and then go to the Caps playoff game number 2 (look for the recap on Sunday).

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Rachel: Friday there’s a chance I’ll head to Nationals Park to root against the Milwaukee Brewers in the hope of a Nats victory. Saturday I’ll be bustin’ my trumpet chops, trying to get back into musical shape for the inevitable return of my obsession for all things Jazz related. Sunday is a momentous occasion of sorts. It is my first co-ed softball game with the Glover Park Softball League. Needless to say, I’m excited.

Rebecca: I was recently given a gift certificate to Sticky Rice, so on Friday I’ll be cashing it in and checking out the sushi and Japanese fare at the NE restaurant. Saturday, I’ll be attending my first Nats game of the season, when our home team takes on the Milwaukee Brewers. While I’m around Navy Yard, I’m hoping to also check out some of the new restaurants, shops and other neighborhood developments.  Sunday is funday, which means if the weather is nice walking to the Georgetown Flea Market, and then head over to Montrose Park to enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Dave: I’m heading out to Frederick for the day on Saturday, an exotic trip into the country to record a demo with my band mate in advance of our gig next week. Once I get back from my Maryland adventure, it’ll be hockey time as I settle it to watch the Caps go for a Game 2 win against the Habs. And as long as the weather stays nice, there’s always time for a good run or 7 on 7 soccer game on Sunday morning.

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Tiff: This weekend, our real estate adventure culminates into the big move to Brookland. But if I weren’t going to be up to my elbows in boxes, I would definitely be getting my exercise in other ways Dhoonya Dance is doing $5 drop-ins, including one to teach the choreography for the Bollywood Flash Mob. But there are others, since Dance Is The Answer is kicking off this weekend. You can take your pick of songs and styles.

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