Man Gets 90 Days For Stealing Library’s Pet Tarantula

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The DC area has its share of zany criminals. There’s the infamous Georgetown Cuddler and the relatively new eco-terrorist. But did anyone know that we also have a Spider-Man in our midst? Randy Humple, 27, of Westiminster, MD has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for stealing the resident tarantula of Westminster Library. Chili Rose, a Chilean Rose tarantula, was discovered missing from his (her?) home at the library’s information desk on May 19. Humple was later apprehended after he was not only seen with the spider, but heard bragging about his crime. Apparently, there’s a very fine line between zany and incredibly stupid. The 90 day sentence is in addition to the four year sentence Humple also received for violating his probation in a 2007 assault case.

Now, onto the next mystery: why a library would keep a tarantula as its pet.

Rebecca Gross

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  2. I swear if you guys don’t stop calling that sexual predator a cutesy name…

    Please. Just stop.