Downed Power Lines in Silver Spring Causing Red Line Disruption

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‘Red Line to Glenmont’
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Just when you thought nothing else could go wrong for Metro today, there is a power line down on the tracks in Silver Spring, which is massively disrupting service. Refreshingly, this one is pretty much not Metro’s fault.

Basically, Pepco (also not having a great week) needs to determine whether the line is still live or not before passengers can be offloaded from the stranded train onto the rescue train. Fortunately, there is still at least AC on the stranded train. It’s the little things.

While service is not operating between Glenmont and Silver Spring, the rest of the line is still operating on either side. But, as always, expect serious delays and maybe you just want to cab it home tonight.

UPDATED TO ADD: Metro’s press release reminds everyone that relying on shuttle bus service is pretty much a joke at rush hour, because a shuttle carries 50 people while a full train carries 800-1000. Seriously you guys, CAB IT.

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3 thoughts on “Downed Power Lines in Silver Spring Causing Red Line Disruption

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  2. I ride the Red Line every working day and I shake my head at the daily issues with it

    What a disaster it is

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