USA Today Names Best Burger Joints in the U.S.

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USA Today has released their picks for the best burger restaurants in the United States, one for each state. And for once, D.C. actually counts as a state. And who are our winners? Well, no big surprise with Ray’s Hell Burger taking the win in Virginia. The best burger in D.C. goes to Rogue States, which seems to be getting more press these days for their unfortunate location than for their patties.

So do you agree? Is Rogue States the best burger in town? With their current legal issues and the rumors of the first Ray’s location in D.C. opening soon in CityVista, are they going to stay on top much longer?

Ashley Messick

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4 thoughts on “USA Today Names Best Burger Joints in the U.S.

  1. I’m afraid I can’t agree with this. Don’t get me wrong, I think its pretty good. But better than BGR? Not happening. Perhaps the fact that they undercooked my turkey burger and tried to claim the red was ‘spices’ has me a little bias, but personally I think BGR is better. I don’t eat beef, so maybe that’s where they reign supreme and I’m missing out.

  2. I can’t say that BGR is anything resembling worth having. I had a burger at the Lyon Village BGR that took forever to arrive and still paled in comparison to Ray’s and elsewhere. Avoid.

  3. Rogue States makes a tasty burger, to be sure. I’m assuming this doesn’t factor in good service (or the lack thereof).

    You’ve got to tip your hat to Good Stuff Eatery, edging out Ray’s simply because Chef Spike’s joint is in DC proper. They might be little burgers, but I take my good time eating them. So good.