Get an early start on your cold weather freakout

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December starts this week, which means it’s time for the area to begin its annual ritual of freaking the heck out about the weather. This Capital Weather Gang forecast contains a low-confidence prediction that there could possibly be a little bit of snow this Sunday. How was it linked from the Post’s local section page? “Forecast: Did someone say snow?”

So in honor of this little bit of hype that is still too much about a small amount of snow that might not even happen, let me just encourage you to make a plan to hit the grocery store sometime this week. Buy things that you need to have in your house anyway, which may or may not include bread, milk, and toilet paper, depending on how well-stocked you are on such things already.

But seriously, with the rain we’re about to get, it very likely will be colder than normal this week, so I wouldn’t judge you if you ran out for some hot chocolate supplies, or apple cider, or whatever it is that you like to drink while sitting under a blanket. In our house, that’s bourbon.

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2 thoughts on “Get an early start on your cold weather freakout

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  2. Hahahaha!
    Personally, I’ve been waiting and watching for snow for a couple of weeks.
    I say, let the post hype it up all it wants!