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Luggage Location Check

washington dc by wayan
Photo by Wayan

Do you find yourself wondering if your luggage made that crazy-close connection to your IAD flight? Did the baggage handlers make the dash across LAX like you did?

Now, if you flew United Airlines you can use a handy Bag Check to see if you got lucky. I just made sure my work gear made made the red eye I ran for.

Of course it is best if you never check bags to begin with, or prepare if you must check.


We Love to Travel – But Our Luggage Didn’t Make It

Luggage Pile, courtesy of Sundazed/Creative Commons 2.0 It’s no secret that our luggage doesn’t always agree with our travel plans.  I realized this when I considered how many times my luggage has decided to go somewhere else, misses the flight, or just returns home.  It would seem that my luggage has it’s own travel plans on a regular basis. If you travel by air, and everyone does sooner or later, it’s important to realize that there are ways to keep your luggage with you.  It’s pretty simple to do, and it can save you a lot of suffering when you get to your destination. This week, I’ll talk about domestic travel and ways to keep things under control.  Next post I’ll get in to international travel, which makes domestic travel look like a cake walk. Continue reading