Smoking Ban Up For Grabs

Now, I’ll be the first to say this: I am deeply anti-smoking, and for a ban on smoking in bars. However, I’ll also say that I would not vote for a ban, but would support a ban placed by the Council. I like my smoker friends, but I hate smelling like I wash in their ashtray.

Tonight, the ban goes up for debate at the City Council meeting, and the Mayor is all for a smoking ban. Carol Schwartz is leading the charge against the bill, along with the help of Ban The Ban (in the interest of public disclosure, I went to college with Brooke). Of course, not to be outdone, there are two groups supporting the Ban: Breath Easy DC and Smokefree DC.

DCist has a great debate going in the comments of their entry on the subject, with many social smokers weighing in on the side of the ban, and several committed nicotine addicts weighing in on the side of “personal liberty.”

I don’t consider polluting my lungs just to hang out with my friends to be a good thing, and I’d definitely welcome not smelling like ass after a night out at the pubs. Consider me pro ban.

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