How do you do it? Drive I mean

Really, how can you? I drove to Charlottesville this weekend for a triathlon, and it took me two hours just to get to Fredericksburg on I-95. It would’ve taken me two more hours had I not jumped into the HOV lane. Coming back, I went to Korea Town in Annandale for tasty treats but almost rammed a freak that took 20 minutes to park.

Thank goodness that I don’t have a car (rented this one) and don’t usually drive anywhere. If I had to deal with all those red taillights on a daily basis or the whole parking thing – damn, just shoot me! How can you stay trapped at the speed of the guy in front of you? How can you have the patience for red lights or 35 mph zones?

Give me bike or foot, bus or metro even, just not gridlock. No red lights on a bike, no waiting when walking, no worries at all on the bus – this is freedom, not a car. I can’t wait to return this albatross and give that entire suburbia back to the fools across the river.

Long live car-free DC!

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One thought on “How do you do it? Drive I mean

  1. You are joking, right? A perfectly acceptable hit? Ovechkin extended his arms to drill Campbell into the boards. My guess is that Ovechkin will be a marked man before too long. There are too many bodies piling up for someone not to take him out.