Unfair Ticketing…

Dear Officer Johnson,

I appreciate that you have a job to do, and in fact, I respect it. I do not, however, appreciate the tickets, plural, you issued my new car this morning at 10am. I have 60 days, under county regulations, to get a new tax sticker for my car, and my dealership was polite enough to help me re-register my vehicle under the same tags via the DMV. I know it gave you nothing but glee to write them anyhow.

From the Arlington County Website:

Q. If I’m new to Arlington or I have purchased a new vehicle, how soon do I need to register?

A. You are required to file a vehicle personal property tax return within 60 days of moving a vehicle into Arlington or purchasing a vehicle which will be located in Arlington.

So, effectively, you’ve issued an improper ticket, causing me to go through numerous hoops just to prove my innocence, which in this case, was not presumed. Thank you for reminding me how little you have to do, though.

No love,
Tom Bridge.

PS. Thanks for putting the appeal process online.

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