Four Local Girls Killed on Beltway By Alcohol, Own Stupidity

Booze and Teenage Stupidity is what’s to blame for the deaths of four girls from Northern Virginia. Couple of ’em got drunk, and drove right in front of a semi, which promptly killed pretty much everyone in the car. Turned the guy who drove the truck, a Special Forces Vet, into a mess, much as you’d expect. Why? Because right after graduation, they wanted to get trashed to celebrate.

The news has been maudlin, as you might expect, over the loss of four young lives. I’m just amazed at all the people that aren’t more disappointed to find out they threw their lives away to get hammered and drive drunk. Quite frankly, that’s Darwin in action, no matter what the news will say.

I fully expect to get a lot of negative comments, possibly from people talking about the kids themselves and how they knew them personally. I’m sure they were good people. They just threw their lives away in pursuit of some booze. Pity, isn’t it?

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