Keeping Metro Boring

If you’ve ever seen a movie in DC that used the actual DC Metro raise your hand.

Okay, that’s two of you.

Want to know why you never see the real DC Metro in the movies? Here you go. It’s a story all about the agency in DC dedicated to making sure that no rules get broken in the movies on Metro.

See, I’d be okay with this if Metro actually enforced its own rules so furiously. But they don’t. How many times have I seen a guy chowing down on a sandwich on the Metro, or some guy finishing off the last of a can of Coke, slipping the can clandestinely into the platform trash can.

With rentals at $1,000/hr for movie production, and the city cashing in to the tune of $63M a year in films, it’d be nice if movie crews didn’t have to hike it up to Baltimore and pay their transit authority to fake like they’re in Washington. Didn’t Metro just announce that they’re short cash? Wouldn’t this be a perfect way to gin up some cash for some new cars?

Think, Metro! Think! “Sure, we’ll let you do something against the rules, but if you want to break our regs it’ll cost you double.”

They want the look and feel. They don’t want to move the crew to Charm City. They’ll pay!

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