iPhone App for Metro


At $15, the price is a little high, but starting tomorrow you can navigate the Metro system on your iPhone. The details of all the functions aren’t available on iTrans’ website just yet, but there are a couple pictures in the new iTunes app store (link requires iTunes) which seem to indicate it’ll be pulling train times from the published Metro schedule.


If they’re not using the Metro train-position API, one has to wonder why they bothered at all. Oh well.

At least it’ll get line service updates?

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5 thoughts on “iPhone App for Metro

  1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the $15, would probably pay $5, maybe $10. And if I’m paying, I want real-time arrivals/departures/locations, not just the schedule.

  2. $15? What are they smoking? That’s just insanity. I’d pay MAYBE $2.99 at most for that. Especially since someone’s going to come along with a better, free version soon.

  3. What rubbish.

    Just access the WMATA mobile Web site from the main site (it’s clearly marked) and look at the real-time station boards.

    I’ve got a Sprint phone and it works just fine in the metro. Verizon will do the same thing.

    You’re out of luck if you use AT&T or T-Mobile. They don’t work in the metro.

  4. While I appreciate the fact that verizon & sprint customers enjoy their ability to use their phones in the metro (and wish I had it with my AT&T) I DON’T care for the fact that the reason they can do it is that WMATA shelled out for repeaters. The cellphone companies should be paying for that stuff, not taxpayers/riders, and I am sure the only reason AT&T hasn’t ponied up to do it is that they have accurately assessed that they could get WMATA to spring for it.