The Cardboard Samurai are Coming

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When the scroll arrived at my desk this morning, borne on the winds of change by a messenger falcon, I could not believe my eyes. The Cardboard Samurai were coming. Their likes have not been seen in Washington for some time, after they were driven back by the Army of the Paper Airplane back in ’99. I had feared that would one day return.

They fight without mercy, without cease, until their cardboard tubes lay in pulpy pieces upon the ground. The havoc…

On July the 26th, they shall return to Washington DC, their cardboard tubes at their side, their cardboard armor freshly carved and worn like the samurai of old. They will meet on the Mall, betwixt the Smithsonian and Natural History Museum at 3pm to display their ancient art.

The Washington War Dance. Upon us again. Perhaps, for the last time.

cardboard samurai2.png

Top photo: IMG_1075 by Hellathatguy
Bottom Illustration: Penny Arcade

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