Commie Country? Is this 1954?

The Communists were never fans of tricks or treats
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Apparently, if you’re Joe McCain, it’s still 1954. Senator McCarthy is still hard at work with the House Unamerican Activities Committee and it’s still totally cool to hate on the Communists. Joe McCain, brother to Senator John McCain, had a slip of the tongue at an event this weekend and referred to Arlington and Alexandria as “Commie Country”.


I mean, I guess I could understand. Except that the County Council lowered property tax rates last year, which is something those darned reds would never have done. Maybe if they’d forbidden private enterprise within the country limits. Or religion. Or free speech.

But this? Just silly.

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2 thoughts on “Commie Country? Is this 1954?

  1. “Commie Country” What? That is down-right horrible thing to say about fellow Americans. I wish they would publicize it from the D’s campaign. Then they would be sure to lock up VA.

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