Les Halles, No More

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Friday, it turns out, was the last day for Les Halles over on Penn Ave at the Warner Building. Anthony Bourdain’s baby is no more in DC, after losing the lease on the place after 15 years. They’ll apparently still be dong their Beaujolais Nouveau party on the 20th, though, but the restaurant is currently closed, but for that.

Crap. That really sucks. This place had awesome frites, and it’s really a shame to see them go.

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5 thoughts on “Les Halles, No More

  1. We went there, at leas the NYC location is the flagship one, for my wife’s birthday weekend. Her coq au vin was excellent and my dish (I think it was a steak) was also awesome. We were hoping to partake of the DC location soon, but obviously no more. Dang.

  2. My darling fiancée refuses to even acknowledge what I am talking about when I pronounce it “my way.” Perhaps they closed out of consideration for our relationship…