Orange Line Pandemonium

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Thanks to every who tweeted us to let us know that the Metro is a bit of a disaster this morning due to emergency track maintenance between Foggy Bottom and Clarendon, which means both the Orange and Blue lines are single tracking trains through these packed stations. Delays are listed as more than 40 minutes after one of the maintenance vehicles in the tunnel derailed. The incident hit this morning about 4:30am, and Metro’s hard at work at fixing it, but this one’s going to leave a mark.

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7 thoughts on “Orange Line Pandemonium

  1. And yet again, Metro failed to send out an eAlert about this MAJOR service disruption. This happens time and time again. Metro likes to blame “temporary technical problems,” but they seem never to get fixed. Where’s the accountability?

    They issued a press release and have a prominent mention on their website, but they again failed to use the system they have set up to tell riders about delays.

  2. Agreed, nash, I only *just* got the press release email from Metro, but no sign of any alert messages at all. It’d be great if that was something Metro did better.

  3. I actually received multiple alerts via email this morning. I also received alerts via email and text from the Alert DC system. The metro emails started coming in at 5:07 am and the Alert DC messages started at 6:29. Granted, none of them actually stated how long the delay would be, but they did say to expect delays and that trains were sharing a single track.

    The commute from West Falls Church sucked, but I was expecting it because of the messages and the coverage on NBC-4.

  4. Interesting. I finally got my first eAlert at 7:58 am, AFTER the press release and hours after the incident.