New Chop’t Rewards!

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When I worked close by, I used to eat Chop’t once a week or so. I banged through my “Frequent Chop’r” card with reckless abandon, and reaped free salad right and left. I was also subsequently disgusted myself that I so easily spent $100 on salad in a month. But that is neither here nor there. I recently got word that the free “Frequent Chop’r” card rewards just got EVEN BETTER and now I’m jealous.

Users used to get the 10th salad or sandwich free, and now cardholders can reap more rewards. 1) a free fountain soda with the purchase of their third salad or salad sandwich; 2) a free dessert with a purchase of their sixth; and 3) their tenth salad or salad sandwich is FREE (this is a $10 maximum value).

You can snag your “Frequent Chop’r” card at the cash register at the Chop’t near you.I’ll be over here, salad-less and jealous of your yummy free Chop’t brownie.

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2 thoughts on “New Chop’t Rewards!

  1. What’s even better… I had my old frequent chop’r card and they updated the new one with my old stamps – I was eligible for a free fountain soda, but I had already gotten a lemonade, so they let me substitute it for a free dessert!

  2. Mmmm, Chop’t… dammit, now I have to get a good steak caesar for dinner. Curse you WeLoveDC!!!