New Metro Video!

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Metro has released a new video for riders, providing instructions for riding Metro the same way a flight attendant provides airplane safety instructions.  In the same part creepy/part really entertaining/part informative mix of Metro’s other videos, this one includes a computer-generated flight attendant and four Metro passengers.  My favorite part is when the three remaining passengers (one gets kicked off the train for bad behavior) react to a mechanical door issue by shaking their fists and flailing their arms about.  Seems pretty realistic, considering some of the reactions from my fellow Metro commuters.   Enjoy!

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One thought on “New Metro Video!

  1. Who would want to be sitting on the train for 3 minutes listening to safety instructions?

    On a plane, the instructions are given as it is taking off and of course you can eat/drink on a plane.

    I’ve seen people stick their legs into the door as it closing so they can get on