Is this the Real World House? Perhaps It Is.

RW House.png
2000 S St via Google Maps

Wonkette says they got a tip that 2000 S St NW is the location of the DC Real World House. We’re hearing on pretty decent authority that’s going to be the spot where a bunch of people “get real”. And by “get real” I mean be hipster douchebags with TV crews stalking them. Y’know, the usual fake-ass shenanigans that the Real World TV series is based around.

So, avoid 2000 S Street and anything within a mile radius. Or, basically, this:


Update From the Field:

One of We Love DC’s friends walked by the house this afternoon, and caught a few details that would indicate that this in fact the Real World House: Workmen had papered up all the windows (usually not done in general home contracting), a workman in a uniform shirt marked CINE walked into the house while our friend was there, and in additional a few of the nearby Vans had permits displayed for Television & Film expiring around 20 June 09 (the rumored start date), issued to “RW Productions” which would lead us to think that it’s right on target.

Of course, the house apparently didn’t look like anything special on the inside, our friend said, and if that’s the case, a two-week lead time might not be enough to pimp out the house. We shall soon see.

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9 thoughts on “Is this the Real World House? Perhaps It Is.

  1. i would argue that they won’t be hipster douchebags, I would argue they would be trashy douchebags, as I don’t really think that hipsters have ever, or will ever, be on the real world. i think of RW as mini denim skirts, with uggs. and double popped collars.

  2. Well the GTown kids pay their camera crews, whereas the Real World folk just resign themselves to the fact that they will be followed by MTV camera crews for the next 20 years while filming real world/road rules challenges.

  3. I’m amazed they are actually going to be using a house, rather than a warehouse.

    Reminds me of the setup they had in Boston before they started moving away from real living spaces and on to sound stages.

  4. I think it might be fun to mess this sadass excuse for TV. Find out what bar(s) these tools will be taking over and do flash mob-type shtuff a la Upright Citizens Brigade in camera range. Hell, just play the “Penis” game in earshot. Or open umbrellas in front of the camera like the Chinese gvmt did in Tiananmen Square when foreign journalists with the proper credentials and permits tried to get footage on/around the 20th anniversary.

    Or, have a bunch of peeps show up and refuse to sign the waiver form. Everyone but the cast will have the fuzzy block over their faces.

  5. Check out latest info here…

    An update from this morning’s posting… Luis and I wandered over to 20th and S NW late this morning to get a photo of the rumored house-to-be for the DC version of “The Real World: DC.” We heard sounds of workmen inside and, just by chance, saw a couple of guys outside (not workmen). One had a camera and the other one was taking notes. Without identifying their affiliation, I will say that they confirmed that 2000 S Street NW will be the house for The Real World.

    Moreover, at least one of the cast members will be a gay man and apparently one of the local venues for the drama-to-come will be Halo Lounge at 1435 P Street NW—across from Whole Foods and located right here in Borderstan. We will try to have more details for you later.

  6. Couldn’t they have sequestered them to the Hill? Granted, I live in Woodley Park and will be isolated from them for the most part, but this basically assures that Adams Morgan will be all the worse each weekend… if that’s possible.