The 10 Car Train

Photo courtesy of
‘Metro Train in Motion’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

It seems that drugs are behind WMATA’s latest innovation: the 10 car train.  During rush hour on July 31st, a Green Line train operator was alerted by a passenger that his train was trailing two extra cars.  Metro platforms are only designed to accommodate 8 car trains, so the additional carriages were never made it into the stations and remained unused.  The train made it from Greenbelt to Georgia Ave before being noticed, after which it was taken out of service.  The support personnel responsible for staging the train were subjected to drug tests, and one individual tested positive.  WMATA is still investigating and has yet to take any disciplinary action.  Hooray, Metro!

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3 thoughts on “The 10 Car Train

  1. …did no one at Metro Central notice this? “Hey Bob, you’ve got ten damn cars, what the hell are you doing?” No, we have to have a passenger let the guy know?

    I’m starting to really worry. I wasn’t after the accident, but with the revelation about the one in March, and now common-sense stuff like this… wow. Some railroad these people run.