River Art: Water, Wings and Wildflowers

Courtesy of Washington Printmakers Gallery

Courtesy of Washington Printmakers Gallery

River lovers, here’s some art you might like — soft, colorful images of the Potomac River, C & O Canal, and other local spots by Yolanda Frederikse. They say her secret is painting in plein air, sitting quietly and looking closely, to capture the delicacy of wildflowers or to spot birds and other wildlife along winding waterside footpaths.

Her monotypes — watercolor painted on lithographic plates on site, then printed through an etching press in her studio — plus screen prints and watercolors are now on display at the Washington Printmakers Gallery near Dupont Circle.

Tomorrow at 1 p.m., just in time for lunch, this DC artist will give a talk on her work. You can catch Water, Wings and Wildflowers until Oct. 25.

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One thought on “River Art: Water, Wings and Wildflowers

  1. That painting reminds me of Bob Ross, the happy tree dude. And that is NOT an insult, I love me some happy trees and a nice mountain here, and a stream here, and well, whatever you feel like!