And Now, A Metro Shower Curtain


How much do you love Metro? Sure, you have every commemorative farecard, you’ve got both the Nationals SmarTrip AND the Barack Obama SmarTrip card. You even dressed up like a Metro pylon for Halloween. But, do you have the shower curtain yet? No shower is complete without the Metro Shower Curtain. It’s an easy $30 gift for that friend of yours that you once caught looking a little too intently and longingly at the station manager at Chinatown/Gallery Pl.

We’ve worked out a giveaway with the manufacturer, Izola Shower Curtains. Enter a comment, and include your email address in the form, and we’ll pick a winner at noon tomorrow.

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84 thoughts on “And Now, A Metro Shower Curtain

  1. hmmmmmm….what’s the best way to get from GW to AU? I know! I’ll check my shower curtain!

  2. I am going to wrap myself in this shower curtain for Halloween next year. Who needs to be a metro stop when you can be the metro map?!

  3. Awesome gift idea for the new Congressional member or staffer–DC Metro is bigger than Union Station, Capitol South, and Eastern Market!

  4. Now I can figure out alternative routes when the metro closes stations or has huge delays — all before eating breakfast!

  5. Now that is what I call multitasking – planning my route to the bars while getting ready to go out to the bars all at once!

  6. The only questions is whether I should point the map into the shower or out. Would it be more entertaining while shampooing or sitting on the pot?

  7. Finally caught up to NYC on this one. This would have been ideal for my old apartment, but I have a feeling it won’t fly in the master bathroom of the condo. We’re not on Metro anymore anyway :(

    Maybe for my sons bathroom though — get learning early. Of course we’d have to get rid of the “So long and thanks for all the fish” curtain.

  8. Neato! I’m in the market for a new shower curtain, & in the market for an oversized Metro map. Win!