Polls: Gray > Fenty

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It’s hard to poll for mayor when there’s only one candidate. It’s just Mayor Fenty who’s tossed a hat into the ring for the mayorship. However, that’s not stopping people from paying pollsters to make phonecalls. The AFL-CIO polled 500 likely voters and pitted Mayor Fenty against three imaginary rivals: Kwame Brown, Vincent Gray and Michael Brown.

The results? Well, for imaginary opponents, Mr. Mayor isn’t doing as well as he’d probably like. Against Council Chair Gray, he’d lose 43%-39%. Against Kwame Brown, he’d edge out a victory, 42%-40%. Against Michael Brown, another win, 44%-37%. It’s hard to compete with candidates that don’t exist, because their flaws can’t be pinned down or addressed. SO, they have that going for them, but it’s not easy to be a mayor whose whole purpose in life seems to be to spin up the Council, so, I’d say these poll results are pretty solid.

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