Catch a Circulator To Rosslyn? Maybe. River East? Nope.

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DDOT’s Circulator buses are one of the best things happening in the District from a transit perspective. Short routes, yes, but reliable service and comfortable carriage make up for the fact that they don’t go everywhere. Ridership has proven strong along the five routes that go from business to entertainment districts and back. The City Council is hoping to expand service and add another route: Dupont to Rosslyn and back.

One small problem: The Circulator can’t leave the District unless there’s a change in the law. This route, which would replace the current Georgetown Connection buses, would require a change in the charter for Circulator buses. The council can vote to grant that, and is expected to do so after some public handwringing in the coming months. Councilman Kwame Brown was hoping that the Circulator’s sixth route might be a bit different, and run from Union Station to Southern Avenue. That plan was rejected out of hand for the time being.

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