Time to Start Garden Seeds!

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courtesy of ‘adie reed’

With all the snow of late, thinking about starting seeds is probably the last thing on most people’s minds, but we are rapidly approaching the time in which we can start planting things in the ground. We are already a bit past the time to start seeds indoors for certain plants. This doesn’t mean that you can’t, but you’ll not be able to transfer them into the ground at the same time as other plants. Check out the Almanac planting times for Washington DC. There’s also lots of reading material at the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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2 thoughts on “Time to Start Garden Seeds!

  1. Argh! Thank you iEatDC for letting me know about that. That very well may need to be a post all its own. I encourage everyone in VA to write your state legistlators and encourage them to not remove the extension office programs.