Wherefore Art Thou Dr Dremo’s?

Photo courtesy of
‘Dr. Demo’
courtesy of ‘Mrs. Gemstone’

Looks like the location owner Andrew Stewart had selected in Clarendon for the new Dr. Dremo’s fell through due to costs associated with construction and bringing the building up to code. There’s a new location in discussion and Mr. Stewart is negotiating a lease, but this means that it will be even longer before we can sample the 30+ beers in a rock and roll garage setting whilst playing beer pong, shuffle board and pool simultaneously. (That is not snark. I spent every Thursday night of about 4 years at the old Dr. Dremo’s. I miss it dearly.)

John has lived in DC since attending CUA’s Architecture school starting in 1995. He is a UI/UX/Design guru for LivingSocial and also plays in numerous bands (Juniper Lane, Rotoscope, Boboroshi & Kynz) and loves hyping people on eating local food, sustainable human settlement patterns, gardening, and good old fashioned rock and roll and electronica. He runs the dirt lab (aka mega garden) for WeLoveDC, where he eats most of the proceeds.

3 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou Dr Dremo’s?

  1. Wherefore means why, not where.

    Don’t you guys have a Shakespeare theatre nut on your staff?