WMATA Has Record-Setting Weekend

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Metro can thank the tourists and the major league sporting teams in town for setting the second and fourth highest ridership days in WMATA history this weekend. This is after last week’s record-setting ridership of 877,890 trips set on Thursday.

As a rider myself, I say a hat tip is in order since delays were minimal. But, with ridership up, you sure did feel like a sardine in a can with no hope of escape.

The numbers on the weekend are:

891,240 trips on Friday due to the blossoms, tourism in general, and the Wizards game.

674,173 trips on Saturday thanks to the blossoms (of course), the Nationals exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox, and Wale performing at RFK at the D.C. United home opener.

Today’s count won’t be in until later, but with the Nationals Opening Day game I expect the numbers to soar once more.

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2 thoughts on “WMATA Has Record-Setting Weekend

  1. Made me want to slap people with so many tourists

    Nothing makes me want to scream trying to get home and having 15 parents with strollers taking up 3x the space of a normal person