Metro Recruits Outside Help To Fix Escalator Outages

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‘Foggy Bottom Up Escalator Closure’
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It’s no secret that Metro escalators are a source of daily frustration for thousands of commuters.

“Escalators are an integral part of the passengers’ ride and experience,” Metro board member Mortimer Downey told The Washington Post, “and they need to be every bit as effective as the trains. They are not an amenity.”

If escalators are an integral part of the passengers’ ride and experience why don’t they work? Metro interem General Manager Richard Sarles announced today that a group of consultants are being brought in to help solve the “ongoing problems with escalators and elevators.”

About time.

As someone who relies on her own two feet and Metro for all of her travel needs, I’m baffled that it has taken Metro this long to admit that this issue is worthy of recruiting outside help. If it don’t work, fix it. If you can’t fix it, try and find someone who can.

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2 thoughts on “Metro Recruits Outside Help To Fix Escalator Outages

  1. The outages are absolutely sickening

    Anyone try going up at Chinatown in the mornings?

    They have yet to have both escalators working in probably 2 years.

    2 years….what a crock of crap

  2. Gallery Place in the morning? How about Gallery Place in the evening? And weekends! Talk about a bottleneck.