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When we last found our culinary heroes they were faced with challenges that would strike fear into any Top Chef contestant: Dessert & Grilling. Desserts spell death to a Top Chef contestant but I’m surprised that so many of the contestants were hesitant over grilling.

I know guys who can’t cook but are able to roast a steak or burger over an open flame. I agree with Tom’s take on the episode that perhaps these contestants are great Chefs- but not necessarily good cooks.

I’m afraid that the days maybe numbered for DC’s local favorite Timothy Dean. He’s been in the bottom four twice and I wonder how long his status as “the local” will keep him from packing up his knives?

Chefs Struggle To Make Desserts While Bravo Has No Problem Plugging The Franchise

Bravo has their cross promotion hats on! First they bring in Johnny Iuzzini & Gail Simmons who will be on the latest TC spin-off, Top Chef: Just Desserts, and later brings on Top Chef Master contestant Jonathan Waxman. I assume we’ll next be meeting the host of the next spin-off, Top Chef: Criminal Intent. I don’t think that one will do as well as  Top Chef: SVU. Don’t forget to throw in the washed-up actor that made minor buzz from the one film/tv show we remember him from.

Oh yes back to the challenge. Non-Angelo front runner Kenny finally gets his due with a Banana Foster Pie with Chinese Five Spice- how innovative! Angelo tried some reverse-psychology to get him through the challenge by not thinking of the challenge as desert challenge but thinking of it as a curry challenge. I usually associate curry with trips to the bathroom than a sweet dessert but then again it appears throwing in random spices makes things innovative.

Earth To Chefs: There Is No Temperature Settings For Open Fire

Just when you thought there wouldn’t be anything DC in the episode we are presented with the elimination challenge: grill a picnic meal for DC Interns at Mount Vernon. Nothing says summer in DC than interns.

The Chefs were excited about both the venue and the audience. Alex exclaims, “I’ve never been to Mount Vernon, and I’ve never taken advantage of an intern,” in reaction to the challenge. Oh Alex, he knows DC so well. I’m surprised there were interns actually available for the challenge and not booked up, too busy being taken advantage of by their Capitol Hill masters to attend.

We also see that not only do we hate sherry-cooking Amanda, but so does the rest of her buddies. First she takes out a dish from the oven that Alex was using and then she is picked on by her cheftestants back home.

She claims that she wrote her name on the oven and that “prison rules” were in effect. I’ve been told that people don’t claim ovens by writing their name on it, licking it, or calling shotgun. Also I doubt that prison rules include articles on oven usage.

At Mount Vernon, some of the chefs struggle with art of grilling. Arnold simply copies the other chefs in starting a fire, treating the task like a 4th grade math exam. Then Tracey asks if it’s possible to adjust the temperature of the charcoal grill.

In the end copycat Arnold walks away with the win. Tracey packs up the knives. She definitely saw it coming, she is clairvoyant after all.

For a first-hand account of the picnic check out Suburban Sweetheart who not only attended the event but got some on-screen time as well!

I Know That Place

Mount Vernon: George Washington’s home in Alexandria, VA.

Water Cooler Reaction

“I sorta expect chefs to know how to operate a grill… also prison rules?” –Christian Doyle, Naval Research Laboratory

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