What The Tweet DC: Up In The Air Edition

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Happy Monday DC!

Or not so much. When taking a look at the local Twitter Trends for DC Monday popped up on the list, however a look at the tweets says nobody loves Mondays. However if you are Chris W, who has Monday off from work, then you love Mondays.

Here’s what else is trending on Twitter today:

Southwest Airlines Acquires AirTran Arlines

Just another corporate merger right? Well Southwest’s move to buy AirTran will mean more Southwest flights flying into and out of Regan National. Everybody loves Southwest, and DC is excited that at the possibility of more direct flights to their destinations without having to trek to Dulles or BWI. However there are a few questions on how the lovable fee-free style of Southwest will jive with AirTran.

Segway Company Owner Dies In Segway Accident

Jimi Heselden, owner of the company behind Segway died in an apparent freak accident where he drove his Segway off a cliff into a river. A story like that has linkbait all over it, and upon spreading the news myself my sister (and many other of you out there) pointed out the irony of the situation. My take? It’s as Ironic as rain on your wedding day.

Everybody do me a favor- understand what irony really is. Thanks.

Malcolm Gladwell Sets Twitter On Fire

When you downplay the role social media has on activism, especially with today’s headlines, you are going to attract some attention. The New Yorker piece has drawn many reactions including this one by TBD’s Jeff Sonderman.

Meme Of The Day

Today everybody apparently are asking hypothetical questions under the hashtag, #iwannaknowwhy.

@Jesus_M_Christ wins with his reply:

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