MPD Shutters DC9 for up to four days

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‘Police Line Do Not Cross’
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Using her emergency powers, Chief Cathy Lanier today announced a shutdown of DC9 for up to 4 days, while DC ABRA reviews their liquor license in the wake of the alleged violence outside the club last night.  5 employees of DC9 were arrested today in connection with the incident that left one man dead, after he threw a brick through a front window, and employees of the club allegedly retaliated.  The manager of the club denies that the individual was badly beaten by staff and that the victim was healthy and alive when they were taken away by MPD.  Chief Lanier disputed this account during a short press conference held late this morning.

It’s not clear yet when the 5 arrested individuals will be arraigned, other than this afternoon, and what charges they would be facing.  DC9 owner Bill Spieler is among those who were arrested last night.

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