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Two years ago, Polaroid announced that they were discontinuing their trademark instant film. Many a Polaroid photographer was disappointed. In the age of digital photography, such a move is a regular event with all types of color films (you might have heard the news reports about Kodachrome’s demise). It’s simply not cost effective for color films to compete with digital. But Polaroid photographers were not going to a leave their cherished film quietly. And the Impossible Project, an attempt to reinvent the instant film, was born.

The reinvented film went on sale late last year. It’s not quite the same as the original film and that can produce some interesting results (the wonders of chemistry). Take . . . every.seven . . .’s shot above. If you didn’t have her tags and time stamp on the Flickr page, it would be understandable to say this picture was taken 20 years ago. The coloring appears aged and I wouldn’t be surprised to know that a 1970s Dodge Charger was tailgating the car in the picture. Ah, the fun of experimental film!

Just a nice reminder: we’re having a party on Friday to celebrate three years of blogging about the city we love. If you’ve always wanted to know about the magic that happens behind the blog, and meet the amazing people who choose your photos, this a great time to do it. So, come one, come all!

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