We Love Weekends: July 30&31

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Tom: While the mercury is once again heading for the triple digits, I’ll be helping a client move their offices into Dupont this weekend, just a stone’s through from the delicious Shake Shack. Perhaps after the long day, you’ll catch me heading for Rita’s Water Ice on Rhode Island Avenue.  Sunday, I’ll head for my usual breakfast haunt before hitting the Ballpark for the last of the Nationals/Mets series. Sunday night will see me out in my neighborhood stoopin’ it with some bourbon cherry lemonade, and the warm Sunday evening.

Jenn: For the second weekend in a row I’ll be escaping town. But if I were here, I’d check out as many of the Rickey contestants as possible. Earlier this month, the Rickey was officially named DC’s native cocktail at a proclamation reading and then a plaque dedication at its creation site (now the JW Marriott). Never heard of the Rickey? Here’s your history lesson. The DC Craft Bartenders Guild is also putting on its annual Rickey Contest, ending with a showdown on Monday, August 1 at the Jack Rose. For some reason the contest’s been very under the radar this year, but luckily the always intrepid Fritz Hahn has the scoop. Judging last year was a fantastic experience for me, and as it’s a great way to sample the creativity of our local bartender talent I encourage you to check out the list – it’s not too late!

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Mosley: Fairly slow weekend for me, so that probably means I’m going to go on some walks looking for photos, heat and humidity be damned!  I’m thinking of crossing the river and seeing what I find in Alexandria.  I’m hoping to stop by the Art League and get some information on art courses they will be offering during the fall and winter.  Other than that, it’s whatever fate puts in my path.  Sunday is pretty open; maybe head over to the Nationals game, or maybe check out the African American Civil War Museum, which opened last week.  Descisions, descisions.

Fedward: with the end of this year’s Fringe festival past I’m, uh, still going to be seeing a lot of theatre and going out for drinks, just not in a tent. Friday night the Social Chair and I will be watching her niece’s final night of summer theatre camp (this year she’s Puck, which should be awesome, but admission is by invitation only. Sorry guys, you’ll have to wait for her professional debut). Later in the weekend we’ll catch one of the final performances of Venus in Fur at Studio Theatre. While we’re in the neighborhood we’ll try to hit up Birch and Barley, Estadio, and Saint-Ex for Rickey Month entries before we close out our weekend at our usual Passenger brunch. And then on Monday night (that’s still the weekend, right?) we’ll be at Jack Rose for the Rickey Month Party.

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Tiff: While Tom is at work, that leaves me in charge of heading out to pick up our CSA share. Only, I’m doing the Zipcar Low-Car Diet and thus can’t make him leave me the car. So, after my friend and I drop her Zipcar off in Arlington, I get to find out how well it works to schlep a storage tub full of produce from Arlington to Brookland via public transit. During weekend track work. If you see me strugglin’, help a blogger out, okay?

Moses: building upon my streak of 13 straight days of cured meat consumption, I’ll be checking out the Prosciutto Bar at La Tomate tonight, rinsing with voluptuous Tuscan Brunello di Montelcino.  Friday and Saturday are futbol days as international soccer powerhouses (and recent Euro Cup Finals competitors) Manchester United and FC Barcelona field a friendly at FedExField on Saturday night, with open-to-VIP practice sessions Friday evening.  Day 16 of my cured meat streak Saturday includes serrano ham and chorizo at Jaleo to send positive vibes to FC Barcelona (més que un club)! Sunday includes a Day 17 stop to the Italian Store for salumi and sandwiches on the way to taking the nieces to the “real” Air & Space Museum (Udvar-Hazy National Air & Space Museum), sending them off after their month in DC with Rory Story Cubes creativity enhancers from Marbles: The Brain Store in their carry-on bags.  Relief will come at a finally quiet house with “a glass” of Catalunyan Cava to savor Barca’s victory the night before!

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Alexia: Starting off my weekend Friday night at Red Palace to check out Boston indie-folk songstress Marissa Nadler. Saturday I am laying low during the day to stay cool, but come sundown I’m hoping to make it to D.C. Listening Lounge’s Soundscene 2011: Natural Selections, at the Goethe Institut, before heading over to the Black Cat for the 9th annual Run for Cover, this year benefitting Fort Reno. If you haven’t heard of Run for Cover, it’s a fun night where local musicians band together to form one-off kooky, often mash-up cover bands. This year’s lineup includes Diff’rent Strokes, Gaga Gaga Hey, Faux Doubt, and the Roasters, to name a few.  Sunday I have band practice with The Torches, getting ready for our show Monday night at Galaxy Hut in Arlington!

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


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