Key Bridge Occupied without incident

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‘Occupy McPhearson Square’
courtesy of ‘MrStinkhead’

While hundreds were arrested in New York and Philadelphia today, and other cities also saw arrests, DC was a bright spot for the Occupy movement, with a significant march from McPherson Square to the Key Bridge through Georgetown. MPD escorted the protestors through the streets without incident, and ensured that the marchers stayed on the sidewalk as they arrived at the bridge.

DCist’s Martin Austermuhle was in attendance, as was local political pundit Chuck Thies, each have their take on the effectiveness of the group as a whole, and the protest, but one group earned high marks for their work today, and that was MPD, who escorted the protest without incident.

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2 thoughts on “Key Bridge Occupied without incident

  1. NBC News 4 came on at 4 and Pat Lawson Muse (who I like), said something about the nightmare traffic back ups.

    But the live feed showed traffic flowing. Then the traffic report person said things were ok.

    Then NBC News 4 repeated the same thing.

    Maybe I misheard, and they were saying worries of nightmare traffic, but anyway, thanks to you guys for reporting, well, you know, factual news…

  2. I was actually impressed by NBC 4’s coverage (at 5:30). They emphasized the orderliness and peacefulness of it all, and pointed out that the folks who did enter the street were a very small group and not representative of the crowd as a whole. AND they interviewed folks who weren’t (obviously, at least) stereotypical dirty hippies.