Weekend Flashback: 2/3-2/5

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what remains
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Well, exciting weekend. And after all the activity at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza, no mere game seemed able to compete. And from the sound of it, the commercials were much, much worse than the game. I decided to read a book instead last night and can tell you that Wall still stands. I’m not sure the same can be said of the New England half of my family…

Anyways, I’m sure many of you are shaking off either too much food, or too many adult beverages from last night. To that I say, take a load off and enjoy a slice from the weekend, in photo form. I can promise you there will be no barking dogs hoking cars; or sexist ads from crappy web hosting companies; or poorly made, jingoistic commercials from Belgian owned beer conglomerates. So enjoy!

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Sunday’s main event – Puppy Bowl
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Pecheur de lune
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Police Raid Occupy DC Encampment
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Attention Grabber
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Inside the Capitol Dome
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Just a normal Saturday night on 14th St
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courtesy of Collin David Anderson

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