Weekend Flashback: 2/10-2/12

Photo courtesy of vpickering
Cupid’s Undie Run 2012
courtesy of vpickering

Well, that weekend was cold. At least slightly warmer temperatures are expected for the week. Though we do have to deal with tomorrow…or as I like to think of it, the one day out of the year I can be a complete anti-social jerk, and no one can call me on it. Whether you have a lovey-dovey date planned, or will be wearing black instead of red as a sign of protest, we still need to get through Monday. Or Budget Release Day, as those in the capital city’s largest industry are calling it. See, this week is just full of events. Let me close with a blessing: may all your budgets be large, and the cuts superficial!

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Bolivian Dance
courtesy of pablo.raw

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3-3-3 Plan….?
courtesy of Glyn Lowe Photos

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Undie Run
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down came a heron
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candle lantern
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Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC
Duck Ramen Noodles Closeup
courtesy of Mr. T in DC

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courtesy of flipperman75

Trails - Wilson & N Glebe
Trails – Wilson & N Glebe
courtesy of Hans Bruesch

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New, New, New
courtesy of Phaesia2012

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