Weekend Flashback: 2/24-2/26

Photo courtesy of theqspeaks
The “Phone Booth” after sunset
courtesy of theqspeaks

Wow! I can’t believe *ENTER MOVIE TITLE* won for *ENTER OSCAR CATEGORY*! Everyone was sure that *ENTER OTHER MOVIE TITLE* was going to win that. I guess that’s why they do the award show. Of course, *ENTER ACTOR or ACTRESS’S NAME* got a well deserved nod. You might not be able to tell, but I haven’t cared for the Oscars since Fellowship of the Ring, the superior LOTR movie, lost to that one about the crazy math guy who some how landed Jennifer Connelly. Talk about suspending disbelief. Oh well, what are you going to do; it’s the Oscars!

If you’re sick of the movie news this morning, why don’t you take a minute and check out some photos from the weekend. I promise, they are golden metal man free…though if you’re interested in seeing how some of our author’s did with their picks, check it out here.

Photo courtesy of ekelly80
bucket lights
courtesy of ekelly80

Photo courtesy of Columbia Heights Climber
Metro Center sunset
courtesy of Columbia Heights Climber

Photo courtesy of philliefan99
together to a point
courtesy of philliefan99

Photo courtesy of Roger Photos
On the banks of the Potomac in b/w.
courtesy of Roger Photos

Photo courtesy of Joe in DC
Nice sunset
courtesy of Joe in DC

Photo courtesy of ep_jhu
Crescent Moon
courtesy of ep_jhu

Photo courtesy of kimberlyfaye
courtesy of kimberlyfaye

Photo courtesy of andradeXcobain
Anthony Raneri | Bayside
courtesy of andradeXcobain

Photo courtesy of tedeytan
Making brunch reservations in DC 9613
courtesy of tedeytan

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