Google Maps Quest Mode turns DC into Zelda

It’s hard not to love April Fools’ Day at Google, where the good jokes actually get made, but today’s Google Maps 8-bit Edition gag actually turns DC into a Zelda-esque collaboration of awesome, with special glyphs for the Washington Monument and White House, as well as Google’s office on K Street, all pictured above.

Don’t forget to jump into street view, where all the pictures are rendered in perfectly crisp 8-bit display, perfect for your Nintendo.

We’ve added a couple shots below the cut here of the best parts of DC.

Maps in 8-bit mode

US Capitol

National Cathedral

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11 thoughts on “Google Maps Quest Mode turns DC into Zelda

  1. Oh, come on Tom, you should know your video games better than this. This is obviously Dragon Warrior of the Dragon Quest video game series, not Zelda! I’ll let it slide this once, but don’t let it happen again.

  2. I noticed this on Google, but didn’t see the Washington monument! And I did see the people but couldn’t figure them out, so thanks for mentioning that’s Google’s office. I think that would have bugged me.

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