Weekend Flashback: 5/25-5/28

Photo courtesy of Karon
Relief Commander Conducts His Inspection
courtesy of Karon

You want to know the best part about a long, three day weekend? A four day work week! After no three day weekends for all of March, April, and most of May (a true crime if you ask me) I’d say we earned this tiny reward. So you have my permission to slack off this week at work. And to get this slacking off started, here’s an up-sized Weekend Falshback. Enjoy!

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Rolling Thunder
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Dupont dancing
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full house
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Photo courtesy of Rukasu1
Rolling Thunder
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mcafee knob
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Spare Some Change?
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A sea of strawberries
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Korean War Memorial
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Rolling Thunder
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Lincoln Memorial Dusk HDR
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Street Corner Preacher
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water arches
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